Post Judgement

Dealing with family law matters in Connecticut post-judgment

Your divorce might be final but, like everything else in life, things change. Many legal issues arise after you or your ex-partner try to change a divorce decree, agreement, or judgment. We can help you navigate the law in Connecticut and make changes (or stop changes) to a judgment after you have finalized your divorce.

How Can You Change the Conditions of a Judgment in Connecticut?

There are various ways you can change a judgment from the family court in Connecticut. We have experience in all of them.

Motion to Modify

Motion to Modify happens when you ask the court to change some element(s) of a divorce decree or other agreement. For example, you apply to the court to modify child support payments because:

  • You lose a job.
  • You get a new job.
  • You experience a significant life change. 


Note: A Motion to Modify doesn’t apply to property division in Connecticut. 

Motion for Contempt

You can make a Motion for Contempt when an ex-partner or another party refuses to abide by a court order from the family court. This is a civil law matter that differs from criminal contempt of court. Despite this, penalties still apply for violations of a court order. 

Motion to Open

If a fact or piece of evidence comes to light after you have finalized your divorce, you can apply for a Motion to Open, which asks the court to review your case based on any new information. 

Motion to Compel

A Motion to Compel requests the court to require someone to take a particular action after you have finalized your divorce. For example, requiring a party to follow a court’s order.

Motion to Set Aside

Not satisfied with the result of your divorce? You can file a Motion to Set Aside, where the court can overturn the final ruling in your case.

If you want to change the conditions of a court order, consult with a Connecticut family lawyer who has experience in these legal matters. Call (860) 357-9158 or click here to learn more. 


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