Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are different from the ones you see in movies and TV shows. A qualified family law attorney in Connecticut will help you create a practical, solid agreement based on the specifics of your relationship

Misconceptions about prenuptial contracts still exist. One of the biggest myths is that only the rich and famous use these documents. But prenuptial agreements are essential for all couples who have any of the following:

  • Children
  • Student debt
  • Savings
  • Property
  • Cars
  • 401(k)s
  • Professional licenses
  • Alimony from previous relationships
  • Stock options
  • Any other assets 

What is a Prenuptial Agreement in Connecticut? And Why Do You Need One?

A prenuptial agreement lets you and your partner share assets if your marriage comes to an end. Think of it as an insurance policy, where you make financial plans for the future. It provides you with foresight and freedom.

What a Prenuptial Agreement is Not

A prenuptial agreement isn’t indicative of a lack of trust. This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. In fact, for many couples, a “prenup” makes their marriage stronger. 

Many of our clients discover that a prenuptial agreement provides them with a better understanding of their partner’s feelings about finances and the future. It’s an opportunity for couples to control their finances and strengthen their marriage. 

Are you thinking about a prenuptial agreement before marriage? Talk to legal professionals who will guide you through the process. Call (860) 357-9158 or click here to speak to a Connecticut prenuptial agreement attorney today.

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