Grandparent’s Rights

A Hartford, CT attorney who knows your rights as a grandparent

Is your relationship with your grandchild threatened by divorce proceedings? This happens all the time here in Connecticut, and it’s sad for everyone involved. When your child gets divorced, you might not be able to see your grandchild as often as before, if at all. Sometimes, the family court stops grandparents like you from seeing their grandchildren.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. As a grandparent, you can petition the court for something called “visitation rights.” This is not always easy (parental rights always come first in Connecticut), but a qualified attorney who specializes in this matter will help you.

Why You Should Invest in an Attorney Who Understands the Rights of Grandparents in CT

When you apply to the family court for visitation rights, you need to prove the relationship you have with your grandchild is similar to a parent-child relationship. You also need to prove that a denial of visitation rights would cause “real” and “significant” harm to your grandchild.

This can be difficult to prove.

An attorney who specializes in grandparents’ rights will make a compelling case to the judge and achieve the best outcome for everyone involved.

Choose Rochlin Law as a Grandparent

Here at Rochlin Law, we have experience in helping non-parents like you foster positive relationships. We can assist in alternative dispute resolution, negotiations, and court action where necessary. We’ll always fight for the best interests of you and your grandchild.

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