Many of our clients at Rochlin Law wonder if they will receive or have to pay alimony. Other clients don’t want or need alimony. Some are sure they will never have to pay it. The truth is, alimony in Connecticut is complicated.

Whether you will receive or have to pay alimony depends on lots of different factors. One thing we know for sure: If you have been married for 10 years or more, alimony will be in the picture in one way or another.

How Much Alimony Do You Have to Pay in Connecticut?

Our courts don’t maintain statutory alimony guidelines like for child support. There are no established guidelines for what the court may (or may not) accept. It’s impossible to predict.

Like other states, our courts take into account someone’s income when deciding alimony. But other elements come into play. Sure, income is important, it’s not the ultimate factor.

Remember algebra in high school? What about the quadratic equation with all its variables? Alimony in Connecticut is kind of like that. There are so many factors that determine alimony payments. These variables include but are not limited to:

  • The length of a marriage.
  • The cause(s) of a divorce.
  • Present (and, sometimes, future) earning capacities of the spouses.
  • Prenuptial agreements.
  • The physical/mental health of the spouses.

Why You Need an Alimony Attorney in Connecticut

Alimony here in Connecticut is complicated. This is why you need a good alimony attorney on your side. This is what makes us different:

  • We listen to our clients’ priorities and provide unparalleled legal assistance in an alimony case.
  • We compile every piece of financial information we can.
  • We work with financial experts.
  • We articulate your priorities to the court. (We believe that communication is the greatest strength in an alimony case.)


It’s our mission to protect your lifestyle.

Alimony case law in Connecticut is ever-evolving, but our professionals know all aspects of family law. Call (860) 357-9158 or click here to contact an alimony attorney in Connecticut

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