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Divorced couples are often unaware of the tax implications of the final writ. From our years of family law experience, we have seen many couples pay far more than necessary in taxes, just because they got divorced. Sometimes, divorce costs thousands of dollars in taxes. 

Tip: You should take into account any taxes that arise from divorce when negotiating and settling community income, alimony, educational expenses, and child support. A reputable family law attorney in Connecticut helps you do this.

Why Hiring a Connecticut Family Lawyer Could Save You Money in Taxes

Here in Connecticut, both parties of a divorced couple may have to pay taxes but not realize it until it’s too late. We believe it’s a good idea to make preparations as soon as possible in the divorce process to avoid any nasty surprises.

Rochlin Law has experience handling all tax matters associated with a divorce, including making sense of complicated tax codes imposed by the Connecticut and federal authorities. We find our clients the right solutions so they can save money. It’s that simple.

What are the Tax Consequences of a Divorce in Connecticut?

Some of the tax implications of divorce in Connecticut include:

  • Selling/transferring ownership of a property.
  • Deducting divorce-related expenses.
  • Child support.
  • Declaring dependents when filing taxes.
  • Business disposition.
  • Back tax reporting/owed taxes.


This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are lots of financial implications of divorce in Connecticut.

We explore all tax issues with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. Don’t leave financial matters until it’s too late. Consult with a divorce and tax attorney in Connecticut today. Call (860) 357-9158 or click here

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