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We help individuals and families resolve conflicts and solve problems that are focused on your needs, well-being, and satisfaction.


Connecticut Divorce Lawyers

Need a Family Law Attorney in Connecticut?

Rich Rochlin Law is an award-winning Connecticut Divorce and Family Law Firm. Our firm can assist you in preparing for a divorce and managing your expectations about the divorce process.  We will also help you understand everything you need to know about AlimonyChild Custody, and Child Support.  We address issues with divorce and taxes, grandparent’s rights, paternity, and much more.  We strive to be a resource to our clients to help them in all of the aspects of their case. We also handle post-judgment modifications and prenuptial agreements.

Rich Rochlin Law Group is here for all of your Connecticut family law needs. If you have questions, take a look throughout our site. If you need to speak with a lawyer right away please do not hesitate to call my office.

A Lawyer Who Cares.

There is an impression by some that lawyers are just in it for the money. I left the big law firm world of corporate clients because I saw I could make a difference in people’s everyday lives.  Even if your marriage is not working, it doesn’t mean you do not want what is best for your kids.  The ending of a marriage does not have to be a scorched earth affair.

I pride myself on helping my clients come to fair and equitable resolutions to their disagreements. There is usually a way we can work things out in the best interest of everyone.

At times, this simply isn’t possible. In those instances, my firm will bring to bear every tool at our disposal to get our clients what they deserve.

Rich Rochlin

Why Hire Rich Rochlin?

Passionate and personable, Rich Rochlin is a seasoned attorney with almost 25 years of diverse legal experience who is committed to providing holistic client-centered representation. From the pedigree of large firm success to his growth as a solo practitioner, Rich has represented clients in a vast array of matters ranging from commercial law to civil litigation. Ultimately, Rochlin’s drive to help people resolve their most difficult problems led to him to develop a practice primarily focused on family law.

Rich’s love for his work is apparent in his client representation. Somewhat of a delightful enigma, Rich has an uncanny ability to zealously represent clients with a positive attitude, from amicable family matters to the most contentious disputes. He prides himself on his ability to employ masterful alternative dispute resolution strategies and craft creative, yet reasonable, agreements that balance client needs and preserve familial integrity. Rich understands the inherent difficulty in mediation and compromise but has a keen ability to help clients through the challenges.


My dad is the best lawyer. Hire him!

Our Practice Areas

Our firm handles a variety of Family Law cases. Whether you are seeking a divorce, help with a post-judgment modification, or exercising the rights of a grandparent, we have your back. Below is a listing of most of our practice areas. However, we know every situation is different. If you would like to speak with Rich to get answers to your specific questions please contact the firm below.

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We are able to keenly understand the dynamics, perspectives, and values at the core of every matter.

We approach each new case with an empathetic client and family-focus, which is largely influenced by Rich’s cherished role as husband and father. Rich’s family values are inextricably intertwined with our practice and approach to resolving family disputes. 

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