Here at Rochlin Law, some of our most rewarding work comes from helping parents in Connecticut with the adoption process. Adoptions come in various forms, including:

  • Agency adoptions,
  • Foster care adoptions
  • International adoptions,
  • Stepparent and second-parent adoptions
  • Single-parent adoptions,
  • Same-sex couple adoptions, and 
  • Other familial combinations


We help with all of these.

All adoptions are different but they have one thing in common: the adopted child becomes, without exception, the legal child of the adopting parent or parents. That’s the law.

Why You Should Hire a Connecticut Adoption Attorney

Many legal complexities complicate the adoption process, especially when it comes to “lesser-known” adoptions like stepparent and second-parent adoptions. Connecticut’s adoption laws are difficult to navigate. This is why you need the help of a qualified, experienced Connecticut adoption attorney

Let’s look at one type of adoption that’s becoming increasingly common: second-parent adoptions…

Second Parent Adoption Lawyer in Connecticut

In Connecticut, a second-parent adoption (also called a co-parent adoption or stepparent adoption) happens when the biological child of the father/mother in a remarriage is adopted by the spouse who is not the child’s legal parent. After the adoption, the child has two legal parents. 

Many of these adoptions happen in the following circumstances:

  • After the remarriage of a divorced parent, the spouse of the divorced parent adopts the child from the previous marriage. 
  • When a child is born via assisted reproductive technology (ART), and only one spouse (or partner) is the biological parent. There are different legal implications for these adoptions depending on how the child is conceived. 


It’s important to contact an attorney who specializes in ART adoptions before becoming pregnant because you might need to make legal arrangements prior to conception.  

Regardless of the adoption type, consulting with a family law attorney provides you with peace of mind. Call (860) 357-9158 or click here to contact an adoption attorney in Connecticut

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