COVID-19: Back-to-School and Child Custody Arrangements

After many months, most schools in Connecticut will open their doors to students in the next week or so. Despite concerns from parents, Governor Ned Lamont promises to provide students in all districts statewide with access to full-time education in the 2020-21 academic year. But the reopening of schools brings new challenges for parents with custody arrangements…

Custody Arrangements are Under Strain

Before COVID-19, no judge in Connecticut would have considered a future pandemic when issuing custody orders. Now, many parents are unsure of what to do. With schools in the state mandating social distancing regulations and staggering pick-up drop-off times, parents may have to change child custody arrangements because of other commitments. (A parent who starts work at a particular time can no longer pick up a child from school, for example).

There are other challenges. Some schools are encouraging children to limit social interactions to avoid the spread of the virus. For children with parents in different households, especially those with large extended families, limiting these interactions proves difficult.

While COVID-19 has ripped up the rulebook for many aspects of our lives, it’s important parents follow custody orders as closely as they can — or face a day in court. When there’s no specific advice about child custody from federal or state governments, parents must stick to their side of an arrangement, just like before the pandemic.

Of course, emotions will be fraught, especially if one parent refuses to change current custody conditions. However, both parties should compromise (where they can) and consider the interests of their children. Once the pandemic subsidies, things will go back to normal again.

An Emotional Dilemma

It’s a difficult time for everyone right now, but the strain of child custody arrangements during a pandemic — when social distancing and other precautions remain in place — are taking an emotional toll. It’s easy for parents to change arrangements that don’t suit them, but this could be dangerous for all parties involved. Parents should remain calm and communicate, if possible.

If communication is out of the question, or there are questions unanswered, a reputable divorce and child custody attorney provides value to parents. An experienced lawyer can guide parents at this unusual time, whether they already have a custody agreement in place or not. Those going through a separation or divorce will find things even more complicated. A qualified attorney can also help parents in these scenarios.

Why You Should Choose Rochlin Law

As schools reopen their doors, we predict lots of issues associated with pre-existing (and pending) child custody arrangements. Here at Rochlin Law, we help parents like you resolve conflicts. With more than 20 years of experience, we employ conflict resolution strategies and reasonable agreements that make your life easier.

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