Criminal Matters

Have you been arrested, detained, or cited? Do you face court action? An attorney experienced in family law criminal matters provides you with peace of mind. Good

Guardian Ad Litem

What is in the best interest of the child is the watchword of family law courts in Connecticut. As it should be. When there are

Property Division

You may not have young children. Your incomes and finances may eliminate the need for alimony. In Connecticut, however, if you are getting a divorce

Child Support

When parents divorce, who pays for the following? Healthcare, School, Sports, Braces, And all the other things that children need?   As a parent, you

Divorce & Taxes

  Divorced couples are often unaware of the tax implications of the final writ. From our years of family law experience, we have seen many

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a traumatic experience with life-long consequences. A sensitive and practical Connecticut domestic violence lawyer has the experience and expertise to pursue various remedies in Connecticut’s family


A qualified Mediation attorney in Connecticut Mediation can be an effective resolution to divorce in Connecticut. But few people understand the rules and procedures associated with

Post Judgement

Dealing with family law matters in Connecticut post-judgment Your divorce might be final but, like everything else in life, things change. Many legal issues arise after


Someone’s violated an order from the family court. Now what? Connecticut’s family courts protect people like you. But not everyone takes a court order seriously. If

Separation Agreements

Using the services of a Connecticut attorney for separation agreements A legal separation resolves marital issues for many couples in Connecticut. An alternative to divorce, couples